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Not sure what you need? Use the NRS AskSARA Self Assessment Tool to find the products that suit your needs.


NRS AskSARA is a FREE online self assessment questionnaire, brought to you by NRS Healthcare (formerly Nottingham Rehab Supplies) in conjunction with the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF).


Who should use AskSARA?

AskSARA can be used by you, a family member or a friend. The assessment is designed to help anyone who has difficulties when undertaking everyday activities or concerns about safety, comfort and mobility.


What is AskSARA?

AskSARA is an online self assessment that asks you questions about your needs and then suggests NRS Healthcare products that will assist in solving any problems you might have. AskSARA is extremely useful if you are not sure what items are available or which items you should choose.

The questions and product guidance are written by Occupational Therapists from the DLF, so you can be sure it is expert advice.


How do I use AskSARA?

There are three easy steps:

Step 1 - You choose from one of the health categories, home areas or daily activities.

Step 2 - You answer questions about yourself, your environment and any difficulties you might have.

Step 3
- An online report based on your answers is then produced for you to read, print or email. This contains useful advice, ideas and links to items of equipment that might help you.